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July 7, 2005
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Effect of the London blast by SubterfugeMalaises Effect of the London blast by SubterfugeMalaises
Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better title. Anyways, I took a shot of one of the many notices in front of shops, closed because of this tragic incident, I am thankful I was saved by the minutes from one of the effected areas which was Edgeware. And a prayer goes out to those who were not so fortunate. =[

Alot of shops were closed today. This was one of them. So uhmm. Yeah. I'm staying a few blocks away from Edgeware, I passed by that station just a few minute before the explosion. A few minutes. Just 2 stations away. Uhmm.

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It's not a "tragic incident" but a "henious crime."
tutku Jul 22, 2007
bravo! great job!
personally, I like how you chose a store window with the dangerous objects in it.. I feel it adds something...
It completely inspires me. This feels like it belongs in Time Magazine. The spikes along the bottom make such a hard statement, but the feel of the soft building in the reflection has a tired strength to it. You're captured something murky and sad, yet also quietly poignant. Even the sign in the window, how polite it is for so dark a day, it's somber sincerity. I see it's sparked quite a debate, too. I almost feel like I should apologize on behalf of ol' Red, White & Blue for some of the comments. This is the kind of stuff camera's were invented for. This is a fantastic example of what art (and life) really is. You've illustrated Robert Frank's quote sublimely. :+fav:
an amazing picture. The reflections are amazing, the card is perfectly positioned, and the railing adds to the power of the image. Truly inspirational.
Chocolate-queen May 12, 2006
I remember this day. I was visiting my new school that day and lots of people were crying, we didn't know why until lunchtime. A friend of mine said her brother was sitting in a cafe near kings cross and heard the bang, another person's uncle missed one of the trains by 5 minutes. I was particularly worried as my dad works as a tube driver. Two of his colleagues were sent to help when a power failure was suspected and you can guess what they saw. This piece basically captures that day. RIP all who passed away
peculiarnumber Jan 15, 2006   Photographer
Hey I like the partial reflection from the window, where you can see classic style London buildings...which helps refer the image back to the message. Also i like the kind of harsh looking spiked bar at the bottom, which can also suggest the danger in town and the way many people were feeling on edge and unsettled.

I'm sure there are so many stories like your own. Many people I know have said things like that.
i live in london, and i would of had to walk home for 2 hours from my school if my friend's mum hadn't taken me back to hers in her car.
this is very symbolic to me, and makes me thankful i am still alive.
Mirk1 Oct 7, 2005   Traditional Artist
though it is good news that you just avoided it, its still tragic that it happened
necromunky Jul 23, 2005   Interface Designer
glad u're okay...
like the pix!
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